Bell Bottoms

Bell bottoms are back and better than ever!bell bottoms

This trend born back in the 19th century when U.S navy sailors use to wear them for easy roll up access during duty times has been past down generations becoming a high fashion statement in the ’70s. This piece was most popularly worn by then famous pop/rock duo Sonny and Cher. They really were a way to transmit and represent the personalities of the up and coming pop/rock/disco movement and high fashion that the 60’s & 70’s were known for. Today the bell bottoms have been reincarnated and they will always have a dearest please in our closets. Bell bottoms worn with chunky heeled wedges and booties are a great way to add hight, just look at how they enhanced Cher’s legs. Still to this day she is the Queen of Bell bottoms! They can also add a chic boho look to your wardrobe, whether is denim to funky patterns, they will always work in your favor. The ’60s and ’70s are definitely making a mark this 2015 and I am loving it.

-Here are the best Sonny & Cher bell bottoms moments in the ’70s, Enjoy.




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White Denim

Who said you can’t wear white after labor day?! White jeans have become a very trending staple this 2015, specially this Summer. White adds a bit of softness and minimalist look to an outfit. The distressed look has been another must for jeans and white distressed jeans are a better way to revamp the plain old look of white jeans. Here are five trendy ways you can wear your white denims for the summer and fall of 2015, Enjoy.

Blue and White


All White


Leather and White


White Denim on Denim


White meets Plaid


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Shoes must haves

Every women needs to stop what they’re doing and check their closet to see if you have these shoes in your collection. These shoes are a must have in your collection! Whether it is a pair of pointed toe pumps to the most comfortable yet stylish sneakers, these shoes can spice up your day to day casual outfits. If you have at least this essential collection, trust me you’ll survive through every season, but who are we kidding…

– #ShoesAreLife!

 Chunky Heels // Open toe Booties032f6027fc2c3fd4f0b0d4a076360253


Pointed toe Pumps016560ca6b8dd1f8047c669b49925765


Strap Heel Sandalsf694eb1a8b8e17af672248efa2942f43


Sneakers // Slips Ons


Flats // Sandals



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(Pictures from Pinterest)