Minimalist Fashion: BUY IT ONCE

When it comes to living a minimalist lifestyle whilst still keeping up with fashion trends, I think the basic step is to eliminate the need to repurchase certain items in your closet. The most repurchased things in ones wardrobe are usually the basic Tees, outerwear, and trousers/blazers. Below I will list 3 of the best clothing stores that although are a bit expensive, I can guarantee your wallet will be thanking you later on. Why? because you won’t have to keep repurchasing these items like you would if the fabric became flimsy or badly torn. And when you go out shopping you can focus on the things you actually, “NEED to buy,” not the infamous,”What you WANT to buy,” and you will spare the need to, “Consume and replace” and get to, “Keep or pass on.

I want to point out that just because an item is high-end and has an expensive known high-end Name, DOES NOT necessarily mean its fabrics were made to last, the name is what makes it expensive; the fabric could’ve been the same as a fast fashion store. This is where I know it becomes tricky, but again very worth it at the end, you want to focus on brand whose manufactures are ethical and sustainable, one that promotes zero landfill and wasted material, meaning they choose fabric made to last and fabric made to keep our planet safe and one who gives you a lifetime guarantee in any given case of a damage.

And again, given that these are expensive yet lifetime worthy clothing it actually makes us appreciate it more and handle it with much more care when washing and wearing it; which after all is what minimalism is about.


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