Fall 2018 Fashion Inspo: Feeling Free

After graduation, this past summer has been all about finding myself and beingĀ in tune with myself, what is it that I want to accomplish with it, and what are the things that make me feel centered and happy. Feeling free is one of the things I aspire must, free from my thoughts, anxiety, and free from social views. Within these concepts, I’ve also looked to achieve the feeling of being free through my clothing. I liked being able to do things without my body feeling limited and constricted with tight clothing or loads of layers. Because of the summer heat, I gravitated a lot more towards loose clothing like dresses, skirts and wide-legged pants. Once I did that, I found myself feeling more centered, less restricted, a lot more confident, and overall happy without having to put much thought into my clothing. I still felt and looking put together, so I was ready for any occasion, other than for working out. I’ve decided to incorporate the minimal lifestyle and free feeling concept into my 2018 Fall wardrobe.


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This 2017 I’ve been all over bohemian fashion, and recently I came across “officiallyquigley” on IG. Her pictures + blog have been giving me life and she is truly a bohemian princess. Just by looking at her photographs I get great vibes from it and it truly has inspired me to embrace my bohemian flare style. Make sure you give her a follow on IG and her personal blog officiallyquigley.com if you’d like.

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