New Year… More Posts


No, I’m not dead I just took some time to reconsider my everyday life choices. Sorry I’ve been gone for about 5 months I think, but I’ve just need it time to work on myself and school, but that’s all taken care of now and I’m pumped to start posting again. This years I’m ready to launch this blog and promote it after I post more things and get back on track. I hope all of you had a great year and a great one so far. Remember to set short term goals, that way you’ll feel more accomplished with yourself, and actually feel like there’s a difference in whatever it is you set your mind to. What I like to do is every month I┬ájot down 5 goals I want to complete for that month, and it’s honestly very satisfying knowing that you’ve completed those goals, not like long term goals that won’t satisfy you until a very long time. Well, I wish you all the best of luck for this year to come. Happy new year.

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